Architectural Model Maker SA

Welcome to the Architectural Model Maker SA website, we are architectural model makers, suppliers of architectural models & architectural model making services. Our architectural models are use by architects and developers throughout the Gauteng Province, greater Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Architectural Models

With our architectural background and vast experience in all styles of architectural models, we can offer you unrivalled experience in this field. We can talk your language, grasp your ideas and generally get to grips with understanding and reproducing even the most complicated building.

Highly Skilled Architectural Model Maker

We have a team of model makers who all have many years of experience in making architectural models. We have produced housing models, office models, school models, hospital models, landscape models, interior models - in fact, virtually any type of model you can think of and all to the very highest standard because we take pride in every job that leaves the workshop.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that budgets are tight and that you need to get the best possible value from your spend. We will give you a realistic, extremely competitive price for a high quality architectural model, with the emphasis being on the high quality. We believe that few companies can compete with us when comparing like for like in terms of quality and levels of service.

Commissioning an Architectural Model

Many of our customers are new to commissioning architectural models and have a lot of questions about the procedure. What information do we need to provide a quote? What information do we need to actually build the model? How much will it cost? How long will it take? These and many other questions are covered in the "Model making FAQ" link at the top left of this page. You may also find it useful to read the general guide lines below regarding planning a model, understanding scales and what sort of information is required.

If you need high quality architectural models then call us on 011 now.